Monday, June 9, 2014

It's Time To Gift Plants!

The past two months we have been busy, busy.  Sowing seed, getting the greenhouse and containers ready and getting the hydroponic systems ready to go.  Then when seedlings were big enough transplanting those and getting them ready to gift.

What a Spring!  This year we planted almost 2300 seeds, almost all of them came up.  We had a late frost and snow for several days after plants were already up.  We couldn't keep all of them warm so we lost quite a few of them, we ended up re-planting almost half of them.

Since this is the first official year of the Growing The Seeds of Love organization, I am very pleased with the amount of plants we were able to grow and give away so far.  We have gifted 3/4 of the plants that we had to gift this year! We still have a lot of black bean plants and also almost 3 trays of tomatoes to gift yet so if your in our area, contact me if your interested in some plants and we will fix ya right up :)
It has also been nice talking with folks and telling them about our mission.

Just think of the impact we could make if most of us chose to grow some if not all of our own, organic produce!
And if we also grow food for those in need then Wow, we could really make a difference and wipe out hunger and bring back good, healthy, nutritious food.
This is our mission.  This is our challenge to you!

I would love to hear your growing and gifting stories and have you as a guest writer to the Growing The Seeds of Love blog.  If your interested, please contact me and we'll get it all worked out and get your stories posted.

Until next time, happy growing and gifting everyone <3

A few photo's of some of the plants we had available to gift this year:
 Green Beans and Black Beans for Gifting, most of these have been gifted!

 Tomatoes and Squash, all of these have been gifted :)

 Almost 3 trays of tomatoes to gift yet!


  1. Great blog post Lisa! I plan on doing this next year. Hopefully we can get our Lion's Club to help out! I had wanted to plant a SBG (Straw bale garden) there this year to give away the produce but with our crazy weather it just didn't happen! Shooting for next year though! I really feel that once someone picks the produce from their very first garden they are hooked and will plant again the next year...."Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and they'll never go hungry"!

    1. That would be wonderful Mel if you could get teh Lion's club to help out too!!!
      I agree with you that once people start growing their own food again, they will be hooked. That is an addiction I can support :)