Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Huge Success! Our Plant Give Away Season Comes To An End

Wow, what a Spring!
Crazy weather everywhere and tough going trying to get those gardens in.
Growing The Seeds of Love plant giving season has come to an end but not before planting our outdoor beds up to three times because of a late snow storm and after replanting had many plants damaged or destroyed by torrential rains and hail.  Third times the charm right :)
I am thankful that we were able to offer plants for a second and third time to some who also suffered the same weather and losses.

It was a wonderful giveaway season!  We were able to gift well over 1000 organic plants this year!
I lost track after the first 1100 with starting so many new plants to replace the ones that were storm casualties.
We also made some wonderful new friends.  Some photo's of some of the beautiful people we met this year.

Now we are concentrating on the growing season so that we have plenty of produce to gift.
Cucumbers and summer squash are already producing and we have a variety of living lettuces that will be ready to gift next week.

I did a variety of gardening styles this year.  We have two traditional garden beds and a third one built for next year.  I also did over 50 containers!  I tried 2 straw bales and our hydroponic systems are working perfectly and the plants are gorgeous!  My husband built a new vertical hydroponic system for me (he just loves it when I get these ideas from YouTube, lol) and I love it.  It has 88 holes and we are growing lots of lettuce, pak choy, swiss chard and cucumbers on it.
We should be able to help provide for quite a few people.

I have all kinds of plans and new additions for next season and am so excited!
One of those plans is to build an in ground greenhouse, called a Walapini.  It will keep cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter.  With the addition of a cob stove we should be then able to grow all year around.
Also hoping to put my new welder to use and create some garden art :)

I want to thank all of you that participated in this seasons plant giveaway and made it such a huge success!
Please teach your friends and family the importance of growing and sharing their own organic food, saving seed and just being more self sufficient.  
I'm always available to help teach people to get started in hydroponic or container gardening and straw bale also.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need help.

Thanks again everyone, it was wonderful to meet all of you!  I hope to see you again next season.
Many Blessings!
~ Lisa

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